GPCRM web service

A web service to predict structures of G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) using advanced homology modeling tools: profile-profile alignment, multiple structural templates, and Z coordinate-based filtering of resulting models. Two distinct loop modeling techniques are employed - Modeller and Rosetta - and the BCL::Score (membrane-fitted knowledge-based energy function) is used to score the final ranking list of GPCR models.

Documentation shows a detailed description of procedure and all options. Templates page contains sortable tables of GPCR templates with external links to additional resources. Tutorial describes in easy way how to start. Example shows exemplary submission data and the obtained final results.

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            To improve accuracy of alignment and model building provide the suggested S-S bridge between the extracellular loop 2 and the transmembrane helix TM3.
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                      Please, avoid including a lysozyme sequence in your query.

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